Con Khỉ Sắt 2

Con Khỉ Sắt 2

Iron Monkey 2 (1996)

(9 đ / 30 lượt)
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Con Khỉ Sắt 2 1996, phim Iron Monkey 2 (1996)

Lịch chiếu:

This is perhaps (The Shadow is still #1 I think) the worst movie I"ve ever seen. There are about 15 minutes of fight sequences that are respectable, however, I could not believe this movie came out in the 1990s. "Enter the Dragon"s" cinematography was better and shot 20 years previous to it. The special effects were worse than the intentionally bad classic Big Trouble in Little China. I had no empathy for any of the characters because none of them had any development. Perhaps I"m missing something in translation, but it"s an awful lot. Or maybe the production company thought the star power of Donnie Yen and Billy Chow was enough to carry this movie. Based on their relatively small roles, that would have to be a LOT of star power.

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Donnie Yen
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